For the love of lemons…

My favorite kitchen tools at the moment are the microplane grater and citrus juicer. They don’t take up a lot of space or require electricity – two essentials if you have a small kitchen or end up moving abroad.

I especially love the citrus juicer as I love, love lemons. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is a staple in my fridge – it makes my smoothies more refreshing, it’s great with tea and today I used it to make a natural remedy for my upper respiratory irritation which is putting a damper on my day. 

I used the microplane and citrus juicer to make a concoction consisting of oranges, lemons, ginger root and garlic. All fresh of course. It’s a plus that I like all four ingredients individually. The combination produced a spicy and garlicky taste with a delicious touch of zestiness from the citruses. Cheers to good health (and you may want to brush your teeth to mask the garlic aftertaste!).

As the saying goes “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Tip: You can descale an electric kettle using lemon juice and water…

Bonus Tip: Freeze peeled garlic cloves and then use the microplane to grate it for some fresh ‘minced’ garlic. I have used the same trick to freeze and grate ginger, so experimented with garlic – it worked well!


Uncle Cook’s Walnuts Review¬†

Writing this short review on Uncle Cook’s Walnuts, as I didn’t see anything online. And shopping at Mustafa Centre while doing research is just not fun. Dried walnuts or nuts for that matter are expensive so I decided to try this brand. It’s a Mustafa store brand. 

As for the walnut, the minute my tongue touched the walnut, I tasted bitterness and that lingered until I finished. Won’t be buying this brand again. A good walnut tastes sweet not bitter. 

What experience have you had with Uncle Cook’s brand? Please share as I’m curious to know if this was a one off bad tasting bag of walnuts. 

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