Just one of the locals

Eating where the locals eat I was asked by a fellow walking by where am I from so politely I said I live here but I haven’t been to this location. He confirmed the dish I was eating was the best chicken biryani in Singapore. I have to say I agree until I find otherwise. I get why he asked where I was from and to paint the picture for you… imagine a kopitiam (coffee shop which is a local eatery) filled with people of Chinese, Indian, Malay and other ethnicities; there is me…wearing a baseball hat and ready to go Thai grocery shopping. That’s what makes this country pretty damn awesome. I can go anywhere and feel like I “fit in.”

But wait, let me tell you the best part of this story. The nice stranger comes back and offers me a piece of crispy bread, I forget the name. He said “it goes very nice with the curry.” My heart melted. I have come across the nicest locals since moving here four months ago. 

Link to the kopitiam’s location:


15 Beach Rd, Singapore 190015



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