The Start of my Bullet Journal

I have had this journal and a set of colored fineliner pens for about two months now. This was a gift from my friend Lee as I was leaving for Singapore. She shares my enthusiasm for planning and organizing so it was a thoughtful gift, thanks Lee!

The journal itself is a beautiful turquoise Leuchtturm 1917 with numbered and dotted pages, which makes it easy to write on a straight line or doodle. I love it!

Content page and the beginning of my journal set up…


November events and tasks page layout (Note to self: use a darker color as this is hard to see or perhaps I should just overwrite this one more time to make it darker since I like the color!).


Daily log layout (last days of the month) with Birthdays & Anniversaries spread. Got this balloon idea from Pinterest. To see where I get my inspiration, check out my  bullet journal board.


Admittedly, I find it therapeutic scribbling balloons and zig zag patterns…

Before actually starting bullet journaling I watched a few videos from Boho Berry, Video 1 and Video 2. I believe I watched video 2 before video 1 – sometimes, I like to skip ahead to see what I’m getting myself into!  In one of the videos Boho Berry suggested starting bullet journaling in a simple notebook. And that is what I did. I drafted my layout in another journal I had and tested it for a month to see if I like the collections I had and what I used most. This also give me more time to do research on Pinterest and Instagram for fun layouts of different collections. Patience does payoff after all as I’m happy I can start November in a fun, organized fashion.

Visit the official Bullet Journal site and get started on your own bullet journal. Also, I really liked the pdf guide that Tiny Ray of Sunshine has published.
Don’t be intimidated, it’s not hard, just takes time and patience. Have fun with it and make it your own.

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