First day on my own in Singapore…

I walked to Chinatown today which unfortunately was not as straightforward as I would have liked.  I walked back and forth on the same street trying to figure out the direction where I had to go. I imagine I looked as ridiculous as I felt…I had a phone that was provided by the serviced apartment but it’s older and the service is really slow.  Eventually made it despite my lack of street knowledge and less than helpful phone…My destination: People’s Park Complex, a food court.

For lunch I got the small portion of fried carrot cake for SGD3.00 (US$2.20) from stall #01-1080 which was more than enough for me. How did I find out about it? Embarrassed to say but I literally pointed to a dish on someone’s table, asked what it was and where they got it. When you’re hungry and can’t find the stall you were originally looking for, time for plan B. I got the spicy version of the fried carrot cake and it was fluffy and delicious. I could taste the egg in it and I think the fluffy goodness was radish (yes it was, confirmed later with research). It was garnished with scallions…I love scallions and the abundant use of it in here in Singapore! Hunger is slightly disappearing as I indulge in this delicious dish. If I were to compare this to an American dish, it would be an omelette. I ordered a freshly squeezed carrot and pineapple juice from the next stall (#01-1082) to accompany my meal – set me back all of SGD2.50 (US$1.80). Not bad at all for a refreshing drink!

I also experienced the “tissues on the seat” phenomena which is how locals save their seats (i.e., chope). It’s literally a pocket of tissues, umbrella, business card, etc. on a seat. Amazing!

Originally I came to People’s Park complex to find the Kim Fong stall for their Shanghai rice flour cake.  I did not see the stall and was starving so decided to ask the locals as to what they were having for lunch. And I’m happy I did!

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